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Arete is a fundamental concept in Greek culture that emphasizes the best of one's potential.

Arete is about pursuing the best, and continuing to fulfill one's purpose. It is a philosophy that breeds excellence, effectiveness, and bravery.

Arete is living a life that is both meaningful and impactful. It's about realizing our abilities and embracing our strengths. Arete is a meanful journey to excellence.

Arete implies a sense of effectiveness. Pursuing one's purpose is a series of tasks and choices. Making decisions that solve problems, and moving closer to accomplishing a goal requires efficiency. One must accomplish tasks, identify new challenges, and move ahead in life.

There are challenges associated with pursuing excellence and living with purpose. As such, Arete also implies a sense of bravery. To fulfill one's purpose and to pursue excellence means one will have to overcome obstacles. There will be distractions. There are temptations that will seem like attractive diversions. There will be doubt and insecurities. To remain on the course during these challenges requires Arete - the bravery and courage to persevere.

Arete indicates a sense of moral virtue, helping us to make decisions that are consistent with our moral beliefs and values. When one lives with Arete they feel both motivated and fulfilled. Arete is also about the outcome because when one lives with Arete, the result is a sense of accomplishment and resolve. In this way, Arete is both an end and a means.

Focus on Arete every day. When faced with decisions, choose the option that embodies Arete. That decision will help you reach your highest potential and live a life of excellence.

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