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Children’s independence - Let your child make their own free choices

Independence is a complex concept that means different things to different people. Independence varies from person to person, encompassing self-reliance, and the ability to make choices. Whether it’s a child learning to tie their shoelaces or an adult making life decisions, independence plays a significant role in personal growth and well-being.

When children experience independence, they gain confidence, try new things, take risks, and develop resilience. This contributes to their overall happiness and well-adjustment. As parents, we should set boundaries with freedom for the child to explore.

Children’s curiosity leads to questions, which are essential for their cognitive development and building positive relationships.

Young children enjoy picking household chores. It instills responsibility, boosts self-confidence and gives them a sense of accomplishment.  Children love to be included in preparing menus and shopping, Volunteering or community service instills empathy and a sense of purpose.

Encourage critical thinking by asking the child “What would you do” and “what if” questions.

Always give rewards, having the child pick out only one reward that will give them a sense of appreciation, satisfaction and happiness.

Supporting your child’s independence while providing guidance is key to their confidence and self-assurance.

Happy Independence Day!

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