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Your Metaphysical Journey

You have reached a point in your life where growth is necessary for you to continue moving forward. Whether you approach this with confidence, skepticism, or a combination of both, there will be moments when growth is inevitable. In 2023, you surpassed what was then, and now, in 2024, the manifestation of the new is only a matter of time. You have outgrown what has been, and the future holds new opportunities for growth and change.

No matter how this year unfolds, you will be guided to a safe zone where you will have a choice to continue to grow to the next level of your life.

Embracing the pain and sting of defeat can be necessary to awaken the true passion and purpose that God has predestined within you. Purpose is an integral part of your being, transcending all disciplines. It is the reason why you exist on this planet at this particular time in history. Remember that the struggles you face along the way are meant to shape you for your purpose. If you’re willing to take the more challenging path, the one with more failures than successes at first, you’ll ultimately find more meaning, victory, and glory in your life.

This is a message of hope and encouragement. The New Year is upon us, so start the process of growing upward. Go through the process and have faith that the outcome will meet your expectations.

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Mar 05
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